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Customer discovery,

Spend more time building your product and less time interviewing.

Get to 100 interviews, faster.

Automated interviews can help you achieve product-market fit faster.



For entrepreneurs performing customer discovery interviews.


Product managers

For product managers looking to prioritize new feature ideas.



For artists testing new graphic design and logo ideas.


Brand managers

For brand managers looking to maintain brand consistency.



For marketing teams testing messaging with clients.

Save time

Spend up to 50% of your time interviewing customers.

User segmentation

Reach a larger audience of types of user personas.

Faster growth

Validate assumptions and build products around real customer needs.

Why choose us?

We can speed up the time to complete customer discovery studies months to days.

Customized screens

Customize screening questions for your desired study.

Lower costs

Lower the costs of in-person or virtual interviews.


Shared documentation

Easily share interviews with key stakeholders.

Better experiences

Better experiences for interviewees.

How to get started

in 5 minutes or less.

Step 1: Create an account

You can create an account here.

Step 2:  Build a voice interview

You can customize the number of questions and the length of time for each question (e.g. 20 seconds). 

Step 3: Publish URL link

Publish a voice survey and distribute it as a URL link. 

Step 4: Build awesome products

Extract data in .CSV or .XLSX formats to build products that achieve product-market fit faster.

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