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Pioneering music testing studies

Reduce the the time to complete music testing studies from months to days.

Test thousands of tracks, faster.

Spend less time screening new music and more time launching great music.


Radio stations

Use our surveys to plan new music launches and drive increased listener engagement.



Run A/B tests to get feedback from and engage with your fans.


Music investors

Perform focused market tests as part of due diligence to choose which musicians to back.

Save time

Reduce time to interview music testers from months to days.

Better experiences

Create better experiences for music testing subjects.

Increase engagement

Tune songs on the radio to what your most engaged listeners care about.

Why choose us?

We can speed up the time to complete music testing studies months to days.

Customized screens

Use custom screens to only let active radio listeners participate.

Lower costs

Get rid of in-person auditoriums and lower costs by up to 10x. 


Random song selection

Randomize up to 1,000 songs to test in your surveys.

Better experiences

Better experiences for music testers and radio stations.

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