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Pioneering investor surveys

Use voice interviews to screen startups around your investment thesis.

Automated startup diligence.

Spend less time screening startups and more time with quality startups that match your investment thesis.


Startup screening

Skip phone screens and email promising startups a link to an interview to see if they match with your thesis.


Competitive analysis

Use voice surveys to screen many companies within the same vertical to see which company is most investment-ready.


Due diligence

Send startup voice interviews to third parties to automate the due diligence process.


Investment thesis

Evaluate your investment thesis over time to see what is working and what can be changed.

Meet with the best startups

Only meet with startups that align with your investment thesis.

Document encounters

Hear a 60 second pitch of a startup along with their pitch deck.

Data-driven selection

Evaluate and improve your investment thesis over time.

Why choose us?

Voice-enabled surveys can help you achieve more.

Get more startups to apply

Increase the number of startups screened by up to 3x.

Reduce irrelevant meetings

Reduce meetings with startups that don't match your thesis.


Build custom screens

Build voice screens that best match your thesis.

Share with LPs

Share promising pitches with LPs/GPs for follow-up meetings.

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