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Reduce time,
lower costs.

SurveyLex reduces the time it takes to perform interviews from months to days.

Save time

Reduce the time it takes to structure interviews from months to days.

Reach more users

Interview up to 100x more users across any device.

Increase quality

Collect higher quality survey responses with up to 5x reduced survey fraud.

Why choose us?

Voice-enabled surveys can help you achieve more.

Increased completion rates

Get up to 3x increased completion rates.

Better experiences

Better experiences for the survey maker and survey taker.



Transcribe samples to identify keyword trends and sentiment.

Private and secure

We encrypt data and have a HIPAA-compliant architecture.

How to get started

in 5 minutes or less.

Step 1: Create an account

You can create an account here.

Step 2:  Build a survey

You can customize the number of questions and the length of time for each question (e.g. 20 seconds).

Step 3: Publish survey

Publish your survey and distribute it as a URL link. Let users take the survey across any device.

Step 4: Analyze responses

You're able to view and export the results in .CSV format as they come in.



Clinical trials

For pharma companies looking to screen patients into clinical studies.


Customer reviews

For customer service managers looking for new ways to measure the way customers feel.


Focus groups

For market researchers looking to reach thousands of focus group participants.


Job interviews

For recruiters looking to place quality talent in days as opposed to months.


Event experiences

For event planners looking for new and engaging event experiences.


Startup screening

For investors looking to see if companies fit within their investment thesis.



For journalists looking for innovative ways to engage with their readers.


Website forms

For web developers looking to create new contact form experiences.


Music testing

For radio stations looking to test and release new music tracks.


Sports experiences

For professional sports franchises looking for new fan engagement experiences.


Voice research

For voice researchers looking to collect massive labeled datasets.


Customer discovery

For startups and product teams looking to document customer discovery interviews.

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